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Waterfall Associates Ltd are providing these CAD drawings on the following conditions and understandings:-

1. These drawings were prepared for the sole use of our client. No unauthorised use shall be made of these drawings or the details contained within for any other project, or on behalf of any other client.

2. The drawings shall not be relied on for dimensional accuracy. All dimensions must be confirmed on site or against paper copies.

3. The drawings files are created using Vectorworks and may be compressed using a *.zip format.

4. If altered or added to in any way all references to Waterfall Associates Ltd shall be removed and those making the changes assume total responsibility for the information thereon.

Waterfall Associates Ltd does not warrant or take responsibility for the accuracy of information transferred electronically and recovered by the Recipients CAD or computer system. All information is provided on the express understanding that the Recipient accepts this limitation.

Waterfall Associates Ltd does not accept any responsibility for damage or disruption to the Recipients CAD or computer system or any files resident in them caused by the use of the electronically transferred information. Use of the electronic files by Recipients will be taken as acceptance of this disclaimer.


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